Good morning everyone, our presentation is designed specifically for those students and competitive sports athletes or parents of sports athletes and students needing useful and informative information, ideal for those seeking details about an international high school, which conducts international study programmes and prepares for exams, qualifications and diplomas for access to prestigious university courses in Italy and in the world. There are clearly defined sections that provide information to anyone who wants to learn about independent international education around the world. (Written by the Executive of A’KSENT ACADEMY).

The current educational landscape

The co-founder and CEO of A’ksent Academy School in Lecco is thinking about the way forward for schools and in particular for A’KSENT by committing all staff to work towards an education system that truly caters for individuals, and this is something he has thought about a lot during your 23 years as an educator. You have long believed that the current Italian system does not respond to the needs of A’KSENT students who are also competitive athletes at a high level and in sports where the discipline practised requires frequent movements, with great distances and whose sporting gesture also improves thanks to the great training, as is also the case for school disciplines.


Across the country, almost a third of students and competitive athletes are chronically absent from secondary school, and one in seven students either does not complete their studies or does not obtain the necessary skills to enrol in prestigious universities. It is clear, therefore, that not all competitive students and athletes are in tune with our current school system. Our system ranks boys and girls in relation to their peers and does not place sufficient value on skills and extracurricular activities that reflect the needs of society or the interests of individual students. It is outdated and needs to evolve. What are the skills our students need?

A growing number of education professionals, leading educational researchers and writers, and authorities increasingly recognise that the current educational model has limitations when it comes to preparing our students and athletes for the future. The current emphasis is on highstakes tests, which reveal achievement and progress in only a narrow set of skills, particularly those that lend themselves to recall in a short period of time. Existing assessment tools fail to recognise the broader range of strengths a student possesses or wishes to develop and, in many cases, suppress an individual’s creativity and imagination. Students need to develop skills that go beyond literacy, numeracy and the use of information technology.

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that the ability to be creative, caring and empathetic is an important skill that society needs. Students must have the ability to solve problems, think critically and find solutions, and these skills are taught by practising competitive sports at a high level.

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