A’ksent Suisse Academy invitation

Aksent Academy INVITATION

A’ksent International School Suisse Academy offers an open lesson to discover the fundamental topic for an international school

The notary Federica Croce is set to deliver an engaging open lesson designed to spark meaningful discussions on a topic that is crucial for an international institution such as Aksent International School Suisse Academy (Cambridge School No. CH345).

Offering a diverse range of course formats, including in-person, online, and hybrid options, A’ksent prepares its students for the A Level General Certificate Education exams.

These exams are a stepping stone for students aiming to gain admission into top universities worldwide.

This initiative reflects Aksent International School Suisse Academy commitment to providing comprehensive educational opportunities that cater to the diverse needs of its global student body.

Lesson open at 6pm on 28 March 2024 in the presence of Kilometro Rosso Bergamo
Reserved places: call no. +39 3355604433
Online places: message wa +39335604433
Monica Colli

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Monica Colli
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