Blended Learning: What is Mixed Learning and Why is it Useful?

Definition of Blended Learning:
Blended learning (also: integrated learning) strictly describes a pedagogical combination of face-to-face activities and e-learning formats.

However, blended learning can also be understood in a broader sense, as a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning where participants gather simultaneously in the same place (digitally or physically) or learn in a self-directed and flexible manner. It can also occur in a completely digital manner or as a combination of online and offline learning.

Student-athletes are an example of these professional skills.

As student-athletes, you do not just engage in your academic and sports activities, but also learn and hone valuable skills that will help you shine and succeed in the professional paths you have chosen. You are learning and honing valuable skills that will help you shine and succeed in the career paths you have chosen:

1. Ability to train. “One of the most important skills that employers look for in recent graduates is the willingness to learn. The fact that you are coachable demonstrates exactly this. You are eager to learn. You are able to use constructive criticism and assessments to improve yourselves as professionals and individuals.

2. Strong work ethic. Work can be fun, but also tough! You work hard early in the morning, late at night, when you’re tired, and when you’ve had a setback.

3. Time management. In the workplace, you will have many responsibilities, and time management is one of your strengths.

4. Critical thinking. It is one of the most valuable attributes that employers seek in young professionals. You have had to critically evaluate every move you made and every sporting event you completed in order to improve yourselves.

5. Responsibility. Organizations look for team members who are responsible for themselves and their group, both in cases of success and failure.

6. Performing under pressure. Most careers and organizations face challenges, and success depends on the ability of professionals to stay calm, regroup, and move forward.

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