Luca Ruffinoni: Training is the Secret to Winning a Race

Luca Ruffinoni opens the doors to the world of alpine skiing, explaining succinctly and clearly the various disciplines and how they differ from each other.

Skiing is a sport practiced all over the world, offering both amateurs and professionals the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in nature. The aspect of pure fun remains strongly present even when choosing to practice it at a competitive level.

By participating in high-level competitions,

Luca often found himself competing against athletes involved in the World Cup.

In any case, he always seeks to give his best, remaining true to his philosophy that a race is won in training,

and in the competition, only the prize is withdrawn. A’ksent Suisse International School celebrates stories like that of Luca Ruffinoni, where a passion for sports combines with dedication to studies. School is fertile ground for cultivating talent and dedication. With a balance between sports and studies, we believe that every student can reach higher peaks, contributing to the world with passion and determination.

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