Navigating the Challenges of A Levels: A Story of Hard Work and Determination.

I imagine you are familiar with the choice of A level subjects. I am currently studying 4 subjects.

My feelings towards A levels are quite mixed. Although I am satisfied with the results I have achieved so far and expect similar grades in upcoming exams, I can’t say that I enjoy studying.

The curriculum is not so much difficult as it is extensive.

One thing I can say with certainty about A levels (and you should know this if you’re planning to take them) is that if you start procrastinating early on, you’re unlikely to make it. Now, I know some students who hit the mark by starting to study only a few months before the exam, but they are rare cases in a huge crowd.

General rule for passing A levels: It’s all about hard work and smart work. And the curriculum is the only thing that matters.

L. R.

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