A Unique Educational Journey: Exploring the Evolution of Beauty in Lesbo

From Ancient to Modern, Aksent Suisse Academy’s Journey into Beauty’s Evolution in greeCE

Beauty Through Time: A Cross-Cultural Educational Odyssey in Lesbo

This week marks a significant milestone for students and teachers from four secondary schools within the International Schools Association (ISA) as they embark on an educational adventure to the island of Lesbo, Greece. Aksent Suisse International School, St. Catherine’s Moorlands School, Nika School, and Italo Calvino School are joining forces to delve into the theme of “Exploring the Evolution of the Concept of Beauty from Ancient Greece to Modern Greek Culture” as part of an interdisciplinary STEAM project. This initiative is in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesbo, enhancing the educational experience by intertwining scientific research with historical, artistic, and cultural heritage.

The project aims not only to broaden the intellectual horizons of the students but also to foster an appreciation for intercultural understanding. Through a collaborative platform, students have embarked on a learning journey over the last six months, culminating in essays that examine specific aspects of the broad theme of beauty. This exploration is not confined to online meetings and lessons; it extends to the natural beauty, historical monuments, and cultural sites of Lesbo, offering a hands-on learning experience.

Lesbo, an island renowned for its natural landscapes and cultural significance, has inspired poets, writers, painters, and artists throughout history. During their stay, students and teachers will visit archaeological sites, natural monuments, museums, traditional settlements, cooperatives, and local producers, immersing themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of the island.

The educational action is spearheaded by Dr. Ilias Valiakos, in collaboration with Pablo Flores, representing ISA, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience. The visit began with a warm welcome by the Museum Director, Professor N. Zouro, who highlighted Lesbo’s inspirational landscapes and natural heritage. K. Bendana, the head of educational programs, introduced the Lesbo Geopark as a focal point for educational activities. The delegation’s itinerary includes tours of Mytilini, visits to the Theofilos and Theriad Museums, and an exploration of Mount Olympus and Ayassos.

The week-long visit will culminate on Friday, April 12, with a special event showcasing the students’ projects. This initiative not only represents a unique educational endeavor but also a significant step towards understanding the dynamic evolution of beauty through the lenses of different cultures and historical periods. Through this journey, students gain not just knowledge but an enduring appreciation for the diversity and depth of human perception of beauty across ages.

Download the STEAM “Exploring the evolution of the concept of beauty” project information:

Exploring beauty’s journey from ancient to modern, together.

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