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Development of a Climate Controlled Smart Garden System (CCSGS)

The Greenhouse project

Greenhouses are meticulously engineered structures intended to harness sunlight, creating a meticulously regulated environment conducive to gardening. Typically, individuals can manually manage soil quality while adjusting factors such as heat, illumination, and watering levels to cater to the plants’ needs. However, the integration of technological advancements has ushered in the era of automation in this process.

Incorporating greenhouses into school settings represents a superb approach to introducing STEAM education and imparting diverse knowledge to students. This educational environment exposes them to a broad spectrum of concepts encompassing agriculture, ecology, food production, sustainability, energy sources, and the impact of climate on these facets. Presently, available technology enables precise climate control and continuous monitoring of the cultivation process. Consequently, the adoption of technology presents educational challenges that grant students access to extensive engineering and scientific knowledge applicable to these systems.

Incorporating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) concepts into the “Development of a climate controlled smart garden” project will allow students to gain practical experience in designing and building a system that can help monitor and optimize the growth of plants in a garden.

The four disciplines of STEAM represent key sectors that intersect with each other, promoting an in-depth understanding of the world around us and stimulating technological innovation.

Download the STEAM “Development of a Climate Controlled Smart Garden System” project information:

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