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A’ksent Academy Suisse International School
Private school for students with a competitive mentality.

A’ksent Suisse International School is a flexible international school with a technological heart. It was created to support athletes and artists and is at the heart of a new school concept, i.e. a place to be experienced in many ways using the innovative blended methodology that allows them to take lessons live, virtually or online and to choose subjects according to their own inclinations.

This is the perfect environment for sporting athletes, artists and forward-thinking students. The two symbols of A’ksent: the accent and the tree symbolise great strength, adaptation and rebirth. At the same time, we guarantee a high level of training and flexibility to meet the needs.

A’ksent Suisse International School’s state-of-the-art curriculum includes 4 years after secondary school and the aim is to prepare for the British International General Certificate of Educational Advance Level Cambridge Pathway, which allows access to the most prestigious universities in Switzerland, Italy and around the world. It also prepares for SAT and IELTS.

The areas of the public school A’ksent Suisse International School are organised to be Top Level.

The uniqueness of A’ksent Suisse Academy International School is also reflected in the hybrid didactics that follows the blended methodology, which allows students to be present at the school every day and, if necessary due to competitive or artistic commitments, to follow the lessons in virtual and online mode with a personal Tutor who follows the Student.

Our native teachers are constantly in contact with students to receive feedback on the curriculum.

At A’ksent Suisse Academy International School, we ensure a solid grasp of the English language through specially designed summer courses to reach the level required for classes.

The linguistic and multicultural diversity of A’ksent Suisse Academy International School is about a deep understanding of different languages, cultures and realities by understanding a specific social activity characterised by the boundaries between languages, cultures and spaces.

A’ksent Suisse International School is a member of the International schools Association Isa based in Geneva.

Values and Mission

Our aim is to innovate education and teach innovation, harnessing the power of technology and digital skills.

At the basis of our teaching is the conviction that the skills acquired by those who practise sport at a competitive level or those who have embarked on a career in the arts, will also be useful in their school life at work and in life: commitment, perseverance, focus on the goal, the importance of rules, punctuality, the cohesion of a group working towards a goal, and the ability to pick oneself up after an unexpected event.

Our values include the desire to propose a holistic hybrid educational pathway, which can be summed up in the blended methodology: totally adaptable to each student, thanks to the possibility of choosing between different subjects and following lessons live, online or virtually.


The goals and ideals of A’ksent Suisse International School include:


A’ksent Suisse Academy International School was born as the result of a shared commitment with schools, industry experts, organisations and associations. Working closely with these partners, we have worked tirelessly to build a unique educational institution.

When we proudly saw our first students successfully graduate, we realised that this achievement confirmed the validity of our integrated educational approach, which values both sporting and artistic excellence as well as academic excellence.

We are proud of our achievements to date and are motivated to continue growing and guiding our students towards a successful future. Our passion for education and competitive and artistic activity constantly drives us to improve and provide a welcoming, inclusive and stimulating environment for all our students.

“Education is the best instrument to build a better world. Living in peace is achieved by working together and celebrating our cultural diversity and similarity.”


Membership of ISA International Schools Association

We are proud to be a member of the International School Association (ISA), a highly prestigious organisation in the field of international education. Being a member of this association gives us the opportunity to collaborate with other schools around the world to promote international education and develop best practice in teaching and learning.

The ISA, founded in 1951 as the first educational NGO to have consultative status at UNESCO, has a long history in the field of international education. Its headquarters in Geneva makes it a point of reference for the entire sector.

Through the ISA, we at A’ksent Suisse Academy International School share a common vision of promoting international understanding, peace, freedom, equality, tolerance and the celebration of diversity. We firmly believe that international education is a powerful tool to develop open and intercultural minds.

As a member of the ISA board, A’ksent Suisse International School is actively engaged in promoting interculturality and international education. In 2022 we hosted the annual Youth Leadership Encounter, an event that brought together over 120 students and teachers from different countries and Together, we discussed and evaluated concrete perspectives on taking care of our planet and building a sustainable future. In 2023 we will be in Mexico, in ’24 in Istanbul and in ’25 in Nepal.


Board members

We are a team of professionals dedicated to the mission of A’ksent Suisse International School.

Led by Monica Colli, who serves as administrator and director, we work tirelessly to provide a tailor-made school of excellence that follows and meets the individual needs of each student.

Monica Colli has extensive experience in the field of education. As founder of A’ksent Suisse Academy International School, she has dedicated her career to teaching and coordinating schools of different grades.

Our management team also includes other key figures, each with specific skills and a deep dedication to education. We work together to ensure a flexible and inclusive environment that also takes into account the needs of students, competitive athletes and artists.


Monica Colli


“The future cannot be predicted,
but futures
can be invented

At the heart of the educational experience at A’ksent Suisse Academy International School are our teachers, a team of highly qualified native speakers.

We collaborate with Yaniksa Yentrakun, creator of the BIC SIGN method of language learning, an exclusive teaching system subject to copyright used exclusively by A’ksent Suisse Academy International School.

Dr Yaniksa Yentrakun, who has extensive teaching experience, including with children and young people with specific learning disorders, has developed the BIC SIGN project, which, through a unique teaching methodology, enhances and simplifies the learning of any language.

A’ksent Suisse Academy International School offers a dedicated training course for teachers.

We have selected a team of professional tutors and mentors who are dedicated to our students and provide them with personalised support.

The tutors help students who are lagging behind in their studies or who find it difficult to follow lessons in large groups.

Mentors, coming from different backgrounds, are figureheads who serve as role models. Their main function is to guide the students on their educational path.

Both tutors and mentors represent the pillars of our support system for students, athletes, and artists. A’ksent Suisse Academy International School recognizes the importance of a personalized approach: motivation, knowledge, and understanding are essential for the success of our students.

Yaniksa Yentrakun


Enjoy learning languages like you sing love songs”


Hai Do Dang


Knowledge is the key to open all doors”

Akilan Aravinthan


“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow”

Abraham Lincoln


Cynthia Leano


“The main objective of education is to create people capable of doing new things and not simply repeating what other generations have done”

Jean Piaget

Shruthe Sadasivam


“Live as if you were die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”

Mahatma Gandhi

insegnante_aksent_academy_Shruthe Sadasivam

Maddalena Garlaschelli


“A different language is a different vision of life

Federico Fellini

Renata Cirina


“Never stop learning, never stop growing”

Toni Robbins


Murali Krishnan
Saravanan Balu


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Pankaj Mehrotra

Mathematics / physics sciences Teacher

Education is an indensible nourishment which directly impacts life and society. Integration of IDEAS practices in classroom enhances learning outcomes.

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