A’ksent Suisse Academy lesson with Notaio Croce

Aksent Suisse and the importance of honesty, respect and responsibility

A special lesson about academic integrity and virtual intelligence

In a recent lecture presented by Aksent Suisse Academy on March 28th, Notary Croce delved into the vital themes of academic integrity and the emerging influence of virtual intelligence in the realms of education and research. The presentation underscored the essence of foundational academic principles such as honesty, respect, and responsibility, while also illuminating the evolving challenges and prospects posed by artificial intelligence (AI) within the academic sphere.

Highlighting the various forms of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism and cheating, Croce articulated their detrimental impacts on both individuals and the broader community. The discussion further extended into the ethical dimensions of employing AI and virtual environments within educational frameworks, emphasizing the need for transparency, fairness, and data protection.

Aksent Suisse Academy, through Croce insights, shared effective strategies for upholding academic integrity amidst the digital transformation. This included a strong focus on adhering to ethical guidelines to prevent academic failures. The lecture also encouraged the development of critical and ethical competencies for navigating AI technologies, thus fostering innovation and creativity while minimizing the risks associated with AI misuse.

The session concluded with a compelling appeal for continuous engagement with the high ethical standards required in academia, especially critical in an age dominated by digital technologies. Through the lens of Aksent Suisse Academy’s initiative, Croce’s lecture serves as a beacon, advocating for an academic culture that is ethical, inclusive, and committed to excellence, underpinned by a collective responsibility towards awareness and dedication.

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New technologies are truly beneficial when used with integrity.

Monica Colli
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